Oxford Soccer League

President - The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the general membership, but shall vote only to break a tie. The President shall be responsible for all field requests. The President and Treasurer shall be responsible for signing all check disbursements.

Vice President - The Vice President shall succeed the powers of the President in his/her absence.

Secretary - The secretary shall record all minutes of the meetings and shall distribute copies to all voting members.

Treasurer - The Treasurer shall have charge of all of monies of the League and shall keep a detailed account of the income and expenditures of the League. The Treasurer shall submit a statement of financial condition of the League at all general meetings of the organization and at other times upon request of the Board of Directors. The President and Treasurer shall be responsible for signing all check disbursements.

Registrar - The Registrar shall be responsible for member registration, CJSA registration, maintaining the league database and providing data as required.

Division Directors (Travel, Indoor, U6, U8, U10, TOP Soccer) - In conjunction with the Board of Directors, the Division Directors are responsible for constructing teams. Additionally, they are responsible for recruiting coaches, scheduling games, monitoring games and practices, coordinating the lining of the fields, handling questions/complaints and resolving conflicts within his/her division.

Referee Coordinator - The Referee Coordinator shall coordinate all activities relating to the selection and training of referees and their assignments to games.

Equipment Manager - The Equipment Manager shall be responsible to order, inventory and distribute equipment, uniforms and trophies. Travel Division/Coaching Director - The Travel Division/Coaching Director shall oversee the travel program and schedule clinics as necessary for the improvement of the coaching staff.

Sponsor Coordinator - The Sponsor Coordinator shall oversee all activities involving sponsors of the League.

CJSA District Representative - The CJSA District Representative shall represent the League at all meetings of the CJSA SC District and report pertinent information to the Board of Directors.

Director of Player Development - The Director of Player Development assembles, documents and oversees the implementation of board approved, vertically aligned, U-5 -to-Travel curriculum, and all corresponding support efforts including: • Management of professional training staff/organization(s) • Planning of player and coach clinics • Identification and integration of additional resources/opportunities

Technology Coordinator - The Technology Coordinator develops, updates, and oversees the league's digital assets; website, Facebook page, online registration system, etc.

Merchandise Coordinator